There used to be a commercial where the actor stated that he was a semi-vegetarian. I used to think it was the funniest commercial. You can't be a semi-vegetarian! Well today there is a new term called Flexitarian which is basically a semi-vegetarian. The diets are vegetarian-based with the occasional meat products. Usually a flexitarian is particular about the meat and where it comes from. For example, the only meat I eat at home is bison meat from a local farmer. We also have four hens that provide us with eggs. The hens are spoiled and very happy!

I only have meat once a week usually on the weekend. I never eat pork and I don't like poultry. I do however like beef. Although I rarely eat out anymore I do like to order a steak if I am at a nice restaurant. Quality restaurants have now started including information about where they get their meat. This is helpful when trying to make an informed decision. When I travel I try and search for sustainable, organic restaurants to visit. If not there are usually good vegetarian options at the nicer restaurants.

I have found that it is easier to have a set menu of items. It is more economical and makes shopping much easier.

Menu examples
1. Poblano and white bean quesadillas
2. Taco Soup with pinto beans and fresh cilantro
3. Egg Strata with artichoke hearts
4. Potato and cheese perogies with onions
5. Whole wheat pasta with basil pesto
6. Edamame, tomato and garlic pasta
7. Homemade pizza with artichoke hearts and green olives
8. Cheese enchiladas with spinach
9. Tofu stirfry
10.Red beans and rice
11.Homemade hummus, pita bread and tabbouleh
12.Rice or quinoa stuffed bell peppers

*my husband is not flexitarian so I add pepperoni to his pizza. Although he doesn't like a lot of vegetables he will eat most of the meals that I cook.