Thursday, October 13, 2011

Made in the USA mostly...

I have been looking for years for a nice chest of drawers and side table for Addy's room. I have looked at stores, thrift shops, garage sales you name it. It was coming down to sheer desperation.  Addy was getting ready to go to preschool and we had clothes piled in baskets which inevitably ended up on the floor.  I took advantage of the fact that Daron was with us on this shopping trip and  showed him the set that was on sale at Stout's Furniture in Hurricane, UT.  It was a deep blue color but the headboard was made for a twin bed and we recently purchased Addy a nice full size mattress. I was happy to see that the decision wasn't any easier for Daron than it was for me.  We were just about to throw in the towel and forget the whole thing when Daron spotted a blue leather recliner in Addy's size.  "Hey Addy come here."  Now picture me running in slow motion hurdling couches, end tables and recliners as I yell "Nooooo."  I was too late.  Daron was already twirling her around in it saying "Isn't this neat, you could watch football..."  Needless to say the brilliant salesman said Daron could get the chair and foot stool (of course) for 125 dollars (as opposed to the 300 original price tag that was conveniently misplaced - I would say it would have made a difference if Daron had seen the price but probably not!) if he purchased the chest and side table. I was thrilled that the furniture was Made In The USA except of course the recliner. In my mind I figured they canceled each other out. 
I was so happy to find furniture Made in the USA

I love this furniture and felt good about our purchase
Not made in the USA which was a total bummer but Addy and Elmo are happy.