Monday, February 11, 2013


Today I am thankful for "Fast Eddie" who we are doggy sitting. His "Dad" is traveling to the east coast so he is driving my cats crazy for the next week and a half. Eddie was a stray in L.A. and one of our Best Friend dog trainers rescued him from a kill shelter as she was passing through California. Turns out he is pretty good with cats and he doesn't care at all about our chickens. Whew! Best of all Eddie likes to cuddle and shed and cuddle. I do not like the shedding but when those chocolate eyes look up at you longing for a lap who can resist? Ugh I am such a sucker.

The weather was so fantastic last week. Addyson and I walked to the park and it was probably 60 degrees out. Look at that lovely sky! Addyson loves swinging at the park.