Sunday, July 1, 2012

Affordable Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are expensive. Curtain rods never seem to be the right size. The last curtain rod I bought was from the lumber store. It was 8ft long and 20 bucks. It was nice but heavy and thick. I found an idea on Pinterest for a 10 ft rod that cost less than 2.99. It is light weight, it is thin, it can be easily spray painted and it is cheap. It is electrical conduit.  In big box stores you can probably get the rod for 1.89 but in my small town things are marked up a bit. 

Curtain rod holders found at the thrift store and painted black.
Spray painting the rod.

Apricots are in Season!

Thanks to many generous neighbors with apricot trees we have been able to dehydrate a bunch of apricots. They are my favorite. I am going to try and make some fruit roll ups out of some of the softer apricots.